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Empowering Free Thinking  Truthseekers

Each human being was born with free will.


Born to think freely,


born to speak freely,


born to move freely,


and born to breathe freely.


It’s the foundation of a free society.


It’s the foundation of a moral society.


Dedicated to my fellow truthseekers &

committed to your empowerment




Chaim Meister

Down the Rabbit Hole

Ever been called crazy conspiracy theorist?

I have been. 

Isn’t it ridiculous that ‘truther’ is a negative term? Think about it. You’re being discredited, ridiculed, or denounced for seeking the truth. You are being stigmatized for critical thinking! You are being slandered for questioning the narrative given by the supposed authority. It speaks volumes of the upside-down world we find ourselves in which values conformity over critical thinking. Division is more prevalent than ever. Families are torn apart. Groups are formed: those who dare to question what they’re told and those who follow what they’re told and dismiss dissidents as crazy conspiracy theory cooks.

It can be tough. Hell, I know what it feels like when even your family and closest friends reject your words, critical thoughts as lunacy, and even refuse to listen. It’s deeply frustrating. It took me many years to understand the mechanisms today’s culture of bi-partisanship and censorship that at times makes it impossible to have a rational discussion. I share my findings here, so you, my fellow truthseeker, can be empowered.


The Manipulations of a Cult

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Why These Manipulations Work

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The Bigger Picture

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The the Ultimate Guide to Deal with Sheeple

I has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. How to deal with people who just won’t listen to what you have to say. Regardless of the amount of research I put into a topic. They were even my closest friends and my own family.

I was frustrating. So I withdrew. But I didn’t have to. Now I know. In the last seven years I obsessively researched and experimented to find out why people think and act the way they do. It took me this long to realize why people ignore you, get angry at you, or withdraw from a conversation when their beliefs are challenged, and I came up with a set of effective approaches to deal with them. Be it friends, family, or strangers. Go grab a free copy for an empowered and harmonious life with your fellow sheeple. Be it white sheeple or tin foil hat black sheep.


Hi, I’m Chaim

I often get asked what strange name this is, Chaim. I usually then move on to explain that it’s a hebrew name and it means life. I received this name for good reason. When I was still an unborn child in the womb of my mother, things got turbulent. Pregnancy intoxication. My mother had to rush into the emergency room to give birth urgently. And she gave birth to a life-less grey-looking baby that didn’t make a sound. It looked a lot like a miscarriage, but I somehow survived, or, put differently, somehow life was put back into me. I guess it was a foundational starting point for my personality. A fighter who doesn’t give up that easily.

I was driven by the desire to understand the world. Many things just didn’t seem to make any sense, and only very few people ever gave me satisfying answers to my insatiable thirst to get to the bottom of what’s really true.

I studied history and lingustics at the University of Berne in Switzerland. I guess I chose these subjects because my interest in language realizing the importance of it in understanding communication and in understanding culture in general. I chose history because I desired to understand what happened, so I could then contribute to it not happening again in the future. The countless wars and genocides of the 20th century for example.

For my master thesis, I didn’t just want to dive into the archives and research for months or even years on a subject that had virtually nothing to do with what’s going today. I had to be a subject that had a significant impact on the world today.

The war against terror had been raging for many years. Countless wars in the Middle East were fought. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, leaving millions dead, mutilated, having to leave their homes in order to escape the misery.¬†A world-wide spying apparatus was installed against this ‘War on Terror’. Privacy no more. Fear was all around. And it all started with one chain of events on one particular day: the terrorist attacks of 9/11 2001.

So I started researching and I soon realized that things didn’t add up. Professors discouraged me to investigate further. It was ‘too much of a hot topic’. I was shocked. Was it politics that determined what science was permitted to claim? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around?

Even my best friend at the time got angry when I brought up my findings about 9/11 and advised me to drop it. Another good friend got obviously frightened and didn’t want to talk about the subject anymore.

I felt lost. Abandoned. Lonely. Why does nobody care? I felt angry and frustrated. Why does nobody care?! I felt confused. Why does nobody care…

Desillusioned I subsequently left acadmemia. What then followed was an adventurous ride of experimenting, self-enquiry, seminars, workships, and coachings that lead me to acting, Yoga, Meditation meanwhile never losing sight of my vision: One day I would teached what I learned to those in need of support, so they woudn’t have to go through what I had to go through.

I had started to work as a performance coach mainly with actors, singers, and entrepreneurs when the fateful year of 2020 came around. The year of the ‘pandemic’. The same patterns and the same manipulations that I witnessed during my research on 9/11 appeared all over the place. It was my call to action. And here I am today. Ready to serve you in the best way possilbe.

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